Reporting & compliance management


Proper recording of ship operations and fuel consumption provides a clear overview of ship emissions. Systematically logged data are used for compliance reporting such as EU/UK MRV, IMO DCS and any ESG reporting specific to your organization.


The CII determines the annual reduction factor needed to ensure continuous improvement of a ship’s operational carbon intensity within a specific rating level. The actual annual operational CII achieved must be documented and verified against the required annual operational CII.

Based on a ship’s CII, its carbon intensity will be rated A, B, C, D or E (where A is the best). The rating indicates a major superior, minor superior, moderate, minor inferior, or inferior performance level.

Our platform provides a clear overview of vessel’s CII and the targets to promote awareness. The continuous monitoring ensures that all vessels are complying with the rating and helps identity vessels that need to improve their operational performance.

Our advanced prognosis tool allows active simulation of different scenarios leading to realistic projections and informed decisions.


Smart reporting is an application that helps track and improve the energy management of the vessels. It works on-board and allows crew to collect and store data in a range of reports. Smart reporting includes prepopulated data and divides each voyage into typical sections (maneuvering, sea passage, canal passage, etc.) and allows for appropriate reporting logic in each case. Data is transmitted from the vessel to shore, providing a framework for performance analysis.