Ship Technology Excellence Awards 2024

Ship Technology Excellence Awards 2024

Ascenz Marorka is delighted to announce that we have been honoured with four distinguished awards at the Ship Technology Excellence Awards 2024, spanning the categories of Business Expansion, Innovation, Product Launches, and Environmental.

In the Innovation category, our digital solutions for LNG sloshing management have been recognised for their groundbreaking approach. Through our partnership with GTT, we have developed advanced tools such as the Sloshing Virtual Sensor, which utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to significantly improve vessel safety and maintenance efficiency. This innovation has been validated by multiple Approvals in Principle from preeminent classification societies, affirming our leadership in maritime technology.

Our company’s growth strategy has been rewarded with the Business Expansion award, thanks to securing substantial contracts with maritime industry giants like GasLog, Global Ship Lease, and the Clean Products Tankers Alliance. These partnerships underscore the industry’s trust in our comprehensive smart shipping solutions, which are pivotal to our clients’ digital transformation strategies. Our technology is tailored to deliver superior performance optimisation, ensure adherence to regulations, and foster operational excellence for a variety of vessel types.

The Environmental award recognises our commitment to sustainable practices within the maritime sector. Our digital tools have played a significant role in supporting Navigator Gas’s initiative to dramatically reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, potentially decreasing annual emissions by over 100,000 tons. Ascenz Marorka is dedicated to offering solutions that not only advance shipping operations digitally but also promote a more sustainable industry.

Furthermore, our advanced maritime route optimisation tool has won the Product Launches award. This innovative solution aids ship captains and maritime stakeholders in boosting profitability and safety, addressing the dynamic challenges of contemporary shipping with adaptability and foresight. Its versatility across different vessel types and propulsion systems, along with predictive functions for managing Carbon Intensity Index (CII) scores and EU ETS costs, meets the latest demands for performance optimisation. The tool’s extensive voyage management features, such as Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) optimisation and scheduling tools, are invaluable for enhancing financial performance and providing insights into fuel consumption and CII scores, reinforcing Ascenz Marorka’s status as a vanguard of maritime innovation. “

The Ship Technology Excellence Awards is an independent recognition programme powered by the business intelligence of GlobalData. It is one of the largest and widely recognised programmes throughout the industry. Its objective is to recognise forward-thinking, innovative companies that drive positive change in the industry.

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