Advanced Vessel Performance Analysis

Discover the excellence of the Advanced Vessel Performance Analysis solution provided by Vessel Performance Solutions, a member of GTT Group since 2024. With a proven track record in the market, Vessel Performance Solutions is renowned for its VESPER software. 


VESPER software ensures operational efficiency offering daily vessel monitoring and long-term trend analysis via its broad web interface. Create custom dashboards to track your fleet from anywhere. Access analytical data via excel, API, or via your own Business Intelligence tool. Seamless data feed options include direct vessel delivery, FTP upload, or API integration, accommodating both daily reports and sensor data. 


Maintaining a clean hull for optimal vessel performance is crucial. Key factors influencing hull condition include underwater paint quality, dry docking intervals, treatment methods, operational patterns, paint thickness, and frequency of cleanings. We advocate for condition-based monitoring to ensure propulsion efficiency. VESPER offers various performance indicators tailored to specific vessel classes, derived from comprehensive data analysis and inspections. Instantaneous trend calculations and fleet-wide performance comparisons enable informed decision-making. 

Main Engine


Efficient vessel operation hinges on a well-tuned engine. Monitoring engine efficiency via Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC) and performance tests ensures optimal performance. VESPER provides daily SFOC monitoring and compares engine performance to established baselines. Benchmark sister vessels for insights into engine performance, ensuring alignment with the best-performing unit in the fleet. 

Auxiliary Engine (Baseload) & Boiler Performance 

Efficient management of base load and boiler consumption is essential for overall energy optimization onboard vessels. By establishing realistic targets and benchmarking performance, we identify opportunities for savings and improve energy awareness among crews. Our approach involves setting targets and monitoring all vessels against them, identifying outliers for further analysis. Comparing sister vessels with similar setups allows for data-driven adjustments and continual improvement in efficiency across the fleet. 

Environmental Compliance  

Growing environmental regulations, particularly from the EU and IMO, demand heightened transparency and action on energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. We alleviate the burden by automating report generation, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Our Environmental Compliance module seamlessly produces IMO DCS, EU MRV, EU ETS, Fuel EU and EEOI reports, with ongoing updates to meet evolving regulatory requirements and business goals. 

Crew Feedback Module  

Effective communication with vessel operators is vital for optimizing energy efficiency, as the crew significantly impacts vessel performance. Introducing the Crew Feedback module, we provide interactive dashboards for onboard use, enabling crew members to monitor their performance KPIs and benchmark against peers. Features include a Vessel Dashboard for performance overview, Operational Data Quality alerts, Main Engine analysis for propulsion consumption, Auxiliary Engine insights into electricity usage, and Boiler comparison for consumption at sea and in port.